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Stairs and Railings

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Stairs and Railings – Elegance and Functionality

Looking to add elegance and safety to your outdoor spaces? At Professional Ontario Landscaping, we specialize in creating custom stairs and railings that blend seamlessly with your landscape. As one of the elements that most draw the attention of guests and passers-by, we understand that exterior stairs can be more than simply functional elements, they can be an important visual element of your property’s outdoor area. 

We design stairs that integrate naturally into your outdoor areas, whether it’s a slope in your garden or a pathway to your deck. Using high-quality materials in all our projects, we ensure that our stairs and railings are a durable, reliable and stylish investment to your property.


From modern minimalistic styles to classic and complex designs, we cater to a variety of architectural tastes and preferences. Let us transform your outdoor space with stairs and railings that are as functional as they are beautiful, elevating your property’s appeal and charm.

wood deck

Step Up Your Outdoor Style

Let us show you how to blend safety with sophistication

Elevate Every Step

Transform your landscape with beautiful stairs and railings

Start Your Landscaping Project

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